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Argentine Tango School

Juan D'Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica.  Argentine Tango music at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires. Learn to dance.

D’Arienzo, Juan

“El Rey del compás”
Violinist, leader and composer
(14 December 1900 – 14 January 1976)

1935 is the key year in D’Arienzo’s career; this is the year when the D’Arienzo we all remember really appeared. That happened when in his orchestra Rodolfo Biagi was included, a pianist who had played with Pacho, who had accompanied Gardel on some recordings, who had also played with Juan Bautista Guido and with Juan Canaro. D’Arienzo was performing at the Chantecler by then. Biagi´s inclusion meant a change of time signature for D’Arienzo orchestra, which changed the four-eight for the two-four; that is to say, he returned to two-four, the fast frolic beat of the primitive tangos. Learn more at

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Recordings 1935-1939

With Alberto Echagüe in vocals:

Instrumentals 1940-1950

With Héctor Mauré in vocals:

With Armando Laborde in vocals:

Recordings after 1960: