Argentine Tango School

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How long does it take to learn to dance Argentine Tango?

  • A: Learning Argentine Tango is a unique experience for each individual, and the time it takes to become proficient can vary based on several factors. Prior dance experience, natural aptitude, practice frequency, dedication, and the learning environment all contribute to the learning process.

    It may take several months of regular practice and lessons to develop a basic understanding of Argentine Tango. With consistent effort over a few months to a year, beginners can gain a solid foundation and start dancing socially at a beginner level. However, Argentine Tango is a rich and expressive dance style; continual learning and improvement are part of the journey, even for experienced dancers.
    In summary, while you can begin dancing Argentine Tango relatively quickly, mastering it is an ongoing and lifelong pursuit. Embrace the learning process and enjoy the joy of dancing throughout your journey.
  • Q: What to wear at your first class?

  • A: No special requirements for your first class.

  • Q: How to schedule classes and private lessons?

  • A: Please send an email to

  • Q: What "milonga" means?

  • A: Milonga means: a) Tango dance party and the place where it takes place; and b) A particular variety of Tango music.

  • Q: What "milonguero" means?

  • A: Since those who love dancing Tango go to milongas to dance it, we are called milongueros.

  • Q: How to enter the promotion code when making a purchase?

  • A: After you click on "Add Item" button, the "PROMOTION CODE" window will appear on the lower left.

  • Q: How to pay and register for classes?

  • A: About prices for classes and private lessons, and to purchase them online, please See our prices for classes and private lessons, and purchase them online. Also, download the MINDBODY App on your phone.

  • Q: Why is it difficult to recommend a partner to a student of Argentine Tango?

  • A: Recommending a partner to a student of Argentine Tango is difficult due to various factors. The intimate nature of the dance requires compatibility and understanding between partners, making it essential to find someone with good chemistry and connection.
    The best solution is to find a partner yourself and bring them to your classes.