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Argentine Tango School

Argentine Tango video tutorials

In these video tutorials, we embark on a journey to explore the enchanting realm of Tango. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills, these tutorials are designed to guide you through the intricate techniques, musicality, and artistry that define Argentine Tango.
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Practice by yourself

Start here
Marcelo Solis dancing by himself

Before dancing with a partner you must be able to dance by yourself.

Beginner classes

After practicing by yourself
Marcelo Solis Argentine Tango classes beginner level.

You’ll be ready to start learning your first Argentine Tango patterns.

Intermediate classes

Learn more movements
Marcelo Solis Argentine Tango classes intermediate level.

Technical details, exercises and drills to make you a great dancer.

Advanced classes

You learn the most important
Marcelo Solis Argentine Tango classes advanced level.

Argentine Tango is a living art and culture of Buenos Aires.

Follower’s technique

Details to improve
Miranda Lindelow teaches follower's technique

To follow is fundamentally to dance as a couple. Learn embellishments.

Milonga classes

Tango is Tango if it has milonga
Marcelo Solis and Miranda Lindelow dancing in San Francisco

Quality is appreciated in the milonga.

Private lessons

In-person and virtual lessons available

In private lessons our goal is to share with you the powerful and profound beauty of Tango.

Lessons are 50 minutes long and will be booked after payment is received.

Argentine Tango video lessons on demand