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Argentine Tango School

Private and Semi-Private Classes in San Francisco

My semi-private classes, designed for small groups, cap at six couples to ensure each participant receives personalized attention. These sessions focus on refining techniques and enhancing body awareness, catering exclusively to intermediate-level students with a partner. Pre-registration is required to secure your spot.

Registration for Semi-Private Classes

One semi-private class for one
One semi-private class for a couple
4 semi-private classes for one

Expires 35 days

4 semi-private classes for a couple

Expires 35 days


My Argentine Tango semi-private (small group) classes are specifically tailored for intermediate level students who already have a partner. This setup ensures that each student, with their foundational knowledge and skills, can fully participate and dance during the class. It allows me to provide personalized attention to each student, optimizing their learning experience and progress in Tango.

If you’re new to Tango, and if you don’t have a partner (whatever level you are in your Tango journey), these semi-private classes might not be the best fit. Beginners and students without a partner require continuous, focused guidance to build their foundational skills, something that’s challenging to provide in a group setting where partners are necessary for the practice. However, this is where my private lessons come into play. In a one-on-one setting, you’ll receive my undivided attention, ensuring that you’re supported at every step of your learning journey. Private lessons offer the tailored, all-encompassing support that beginners and students without a partner need, making it an ideal starting point for your Tango adventure.

Semi-Private & Private Tango Lessons on 3450 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94124

Argentine Tango classes in San Francisco