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Argentine Tango School

About Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is a way to provide answers to the question of how to live

What is Argentine Tango?

Tango is Life
Bandoneon playing Argentine Tango
Tango provides you with fulfillment, opening you up to the possibility of making your life a work of art.

Video tutorials

Learn and review our classes
Marcelo Solis dancing Argentine Tango with Mimi
Here we show you what and how to do it. Then you listen to the music and put your feelings in the moves.

Argentine Tango Music

This is the music we dance
Osvaldo Pugliese's orchestra playing Argentine Tango music.

We play it at our classes and you’ll hear it at milongas.
You will enjoy it very much!!

Our favorite milongueros

Our Maestros
Blas Catrenau, maestro milonguero, dancing Argentine Tango

They had dedicated their lives to the beauty of Tango. We honor them by paying careful attention to their dance.

History of Tango

How Tango came to be?
El Cachafaz, Argentine Tango legend dancer and Carmencita Calderon.
The history leading up to the rise of Argentina as a state allows us to speculate about how Tango came to be.

Argentine Tango resources

Books – Movies – Links
"Si sos brujo", a Tango story. Movie.
We contribute with your search to satisfy your curiosity about what we love. Learn more about the infinite beauty of Tango.

Argentine Tango education