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Argentine Tango School

“Uno” by Juan D’Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica with Héctor Mauré in vocals, 1943.

Enrique Santos Discépolo, portrait.

Enrique Santos Discépolo

Poet, composer, actor and playwright. (March 27, 1901 – December 23, 1951)

Enrique Santos Discépolo, a multifaceted genius, was not just any artist. He was a poet, composer, actor, and playwright who set himself apart from his contemporaries with a keen awareness of his artistic impact.

Discépolo’s creations, imbued with a unique blend of wit, wisdom, and prophetic touch, resonate deeply with the Argentine spirit.

His work carries a distinctive “Discepolian” air—a mixture of common sense and insightful observation—that has earned him affection and admiration far beyond the realm of tango. To this day, Discépolo’s legacy stirs the soul, proving that his contributions to the arts were not only recognized in his time but continue to inspire and intrigue.

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