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Understanding Connection in Argentine Tango

Marcelo Solis dancing Argentine Tango with Mimi on a colorful chrome light background

Before stepping onto the dance floor for the first song of a tanda at a milonga, introspection becomes key.

My energy and what I bring to my partner shape our dance, influenced by factors like sleep from the previous night, health, nutrition, etc. Tango, to me, is an offering of generosity, a crucial element to forging a deep connection.

Generosity mirrors the joy of giving unexpected gifts to friends, enhancing our bonds. This philosophy extends to Tango. Preparing for a milonga isn’t just about physical readiness but achieving emotional and mental balance. I avoid bringing negative emotions into the dance space, striving instead to share joy and positivity.

Personal grooming and a relaxed approach en route to the milonga are parts of my ritual, symbolizing respect for the event and participants. Connection in Tango starts with self-awareness, feeling grounded, and in tune with my partner’s presence.

I value dancing with those who share a common love for Tango, including students, as it transcends mere instruction, evolving into meaningful friendships. These relationships are based on mutual joy rather than obligation, a principle I emphasize when teaching the concept of connection.

Teaching in small groups or private lessons allows for personalized guidance, focusing on comfort and connection with oneself and one’s partner. Every individual and couple has unique challenges and growth paths, underscoring Tango’s absence of a one-size-fits-all approach.

As an illustration of profound connection, I reflect on Osvaldo and Coca Cartery’s dance at the “Porteño y bailarín” milonga anniversary in Buenos Aires. The audience’s familiarity with each other and the dancers showcases the deep, communal bonds within the Tango community, a testament to the essence of connection in Argentine Tango.

In my next article, I will talk about musicality. For now, I leave you with this concept:

The music is your friend too.

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Understanding Connection in Argentine Tango