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Argentine Tango School

“Nada más” by Juan D’Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Echagüe in vocals, 1938.

Juan D'Arienzo and his orchestra with Alberto Echagüe in vocals. Argentine Tango music.

Juan D’Arienzo

Violinist, leader and composer (14 December 1900 – 14 January 1976)

D’Arienzo contributed a fresh, juvenile, enlivening air to Tango.

Tango turned one day into a sad thought which can be danced to… It can be… The dance had become subsidiary then but then had been displaced by lyrics and the singers, and now it is displaced by the arrangement.

So: D’Arienzo gave Tango back to the dancers’ feet, and with that, he made Tango again of interest to the young.

The King of Beat turned into the king of dancing, and by making people dance, he earned a lot of money, which was an excellent way to get it.

D’Arienzo made possible that Tango renaissance called La Década del Cuarenta (the 40s).

In 1949 D’Arienzo said: “In my point of view, Tango is, above all, rhythm, nerve, strength and character. Early Tango that of the old stream (Guardia Vieja) had all that, and we must never try to lose it.”

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