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"La bicoca" by Juan D'Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica, 1940.

Cayetano Puglisi at Juan D'Arienzo Orchestra playing Argentine Tango.

Cayetano Puglisi

Violinist, leader and composer (2 January 1902 - 2 November 1968)

In 1940, the orchestra of Juan D'Arienzo disbanded in Montevideo.

All his musicians reunited under the leadership of Juan Polito, immediately hired by LR2 Radio Argentina.

Anxiously, D'Arienzo looked for members to put together a new orchestra, tempting Cayetano Puglisi with an offer.

He agreed to it, and with the pianist Fulvio SalamancaHéctor Varela, and the singer Alberto Reynal, before the mid-1940, D'Arienzo returned to Radio El Mundo amid great expectations, managing to keep his style.

His violin sounds marvelous. 

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