"Qué importa" by Juan D'Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Echagüe in vocals, 1939 (English translation).

"Qué importa", Argentine Tango music. Vinyl disk.
Music: Ricardo Tanturi. Lyrics: Juan Carlos Thorry.

A short time ago it was your love
the light that illuminated my existence
and for both of us, it was only yesterday,
there was no word absence.

Ours was the love of twenty years,
love of Margarita and Duval.
But, the usual, a disappointment
in the end she had to push us away.

What does it matters
to be told that you have changed
and that you have placed a jewel
on the site of the heart!

What does it matters
if you left my side,
only I know why it was
I paid for your love
with evil and treason.

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