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"Ataniche". Argentine music at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.

“Ataniche” by Juan D’Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica, 1936.

"Ataniche". Argentine music at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires."Ataniche". Argentine music at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.Story of the tango “Ataniche”

About the origin of the tango “Ataniche”, somebody said —and many more repeated it— that Ernesto Ponzio had been inspired by a certain lady that used to go to the Tambito on a carriage whose horse was adorned with small silver bells. It was a pure legend. Pibe Ernesto once told a reporter that he had dedicated it to his girlfriend then, and its title was no other thing but the anagram of «Che, Anita». And probably its title comes from Ponzio —we know he signed it in 1900—but the authorship of the melody presents serious doubts… Continue reading at…

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Marcelo Solis

I was born in Argentina. Through my family and the community that saw my upbringing, I have been intimately involved with the culture of Tango all my life, and have been an Argentine Tango dance performer, choreographer and instructor for over 30 years. I profoundly love Tango dancing, music, and culture, particularly that of the Golden Era. I am a milonguero.

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