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"La rosarina" by Juan D'Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica, 1937.

Ricardo González, Argentine Tango musician and composer.

Ricardo González

Bandoneonist and composer (20 November 1885 - 30 September 1962)

This musician, born in the porteño neighborhood of San Cristóbal, started as a guitarist.

It was him who taught Eduardo Arolas to play the bandoneon.

He was a neighbor and friend of the Canaro's family and the Grecos’. It was precisely Vicente Greco who encouraged him to learn to play bandoneon.

His tango “La rosarina” deserves a special paragraph because it was the one which stood out most.

The girl who inspired it was named Zulema Díaz.

Ricardo was struck by her beauty and hence he chose that title for his tango.

And she also danced well!

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