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Enhance Your Tango Dancing Skills with These Effective Exercises

Enhance Your Tango Dancing Skills with These Effective Exercises

Becoming a skilled Tango dancer takes dedication and practice. Try these video exercises to refine your technique and elevate your performance:

Mastering Weight Transfers:

Learn the art of seamless weight shifts for graceful movements.

Perfecting the Tango Walk:

Transform your walk into a captivating Tango experience.

The Basic Box Pattern:

Explore foundational choreographic patterns for a solid dance base.

Mastering Movement Techniques:

Refine your dance skills by focusing on the subtleties of Tango movements.

Mastering Pivots:

Elevate your Tango expertise by honing your pivoting skills.

Enhancing Body Awareness:

Cultivate a deeper understanding of your body’s motion for a more fluid dance experience.

Constant improvements

Being a good dancer requires you to manage your time to maintain an active and aware relationship with your body.

Bar and Chair Exercises:

Engage in effective exercises tailored for enhancing your tango prowess.


Learn essential techniques for executing flawless turns in Argentine Tango.

Expand your body’s potential and improve your tango skills by incorporating these exercises into your routine.

With dedication and perseverance, you’ll elevate your Tango prowess and become a better dancer.

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Learn more about Argentine Tango:

“The Meaning of Tango: the story of the Argentinean dance”, by Christine Denniston.

“The Meaning of Tango: the story of the Argentinean dance”

The Meaning of Tango- The Story of the Argentinian Dance, book cover.

by Christine Denniston.

“When I first fell in love with the Tango, I aimed to make myself as nice to dance with as possible so that good dancers would want to dance with me.”
“I was very fortunate to have encountered a group of people determined to understand how Tango was danced in Buenos Aires. To begin with, we took classes where we could and shared the little information we had. Often we found that the things different people told us about the Tango were contradictory and confusing. There was only one thing to do: go to Buenos Aires and find out how it was done.” (Quoted from the introduction)

More quotes:

“the length of time a person has been dancing may give little indication of how pleasant they will be to dance with – unless their experience of learning the dance has allowed them to learn at least part of what was learned by the people who danced in the prácticas and milongas of the Golden Age.”

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How to dance Argentine Tango?

“Rebeldía” by Miguel Caló y su Orquesta Típica with Raúl Iriarte in vocals, 1947 (with English translation).

“Rebeldía” by Miguel Caló y su Orquesta Típica with Raúl Iriarte in vocals, 1947 (with English translation).

Music & lyrics: Roberto Nievas Blanco / Oscar Rubens.

English translation:

With red hands squeezing my heart,
stifling a muffled cry of rancor.
Rebel like water in front of the fire,
like the sea against the rocks, today I rebel.
With your tyrant love who knows no reason,
rebellious with my own heart.
I ask you to go, to leave me,
that you walk away at once; it will be better!

I know I’ll cry later
I will never forget you.
I know that every night without your laughter, without your voice,
How much I will miss your love!
But it’s better to lose you,
than continue being a puppet
just to see you.

No, please leave me!
Today my love rebelled.

Without asking you for anything, I gave you my heart
in exchange for crumbs of your love.
I spent my heart and fortune
delivered to the madness of loving you so much.
But it was useless; I received contempt, falsehood, and humiliation in exchange for so much love.
So that’s why I’m asking you to go,
that you walk away at once, it will be better!

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How to dance to this music?

Argentine Tango dancing with Mimi at Enchanted Tango Home 36

Argentine Tango dancing with Mimi at Enchanted Tango Home 36

Tango is not easy in any way, but we can decide how many challenges to take from it and how far to advance into a deeper understanding of the art, of ourselves, and others.

We can find excuses for our shortcomings.

However, we need to understand that we cannot demand what we cannot achieve if we want to be good dancers.

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Marcelo Solis dancing Argentine Tango with Mimi at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires virtual classes.

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