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"Rebeldía" by Miguel Caló y su Orquesta Típica with Raúl Iriarte in vocals, 1947 (with English translation).

"Rebeldía", Argentine Tango by Roberto Nievas Blanco, music sheet cover
Music & lyrics: Roberto Nievas Blanco / Oscar Rubens.

English translation:

With red hands squeezing my heart,
stifling a muffled cry of rancor.
Rebel like water in front of the fire,
like the sea against the rocks, today I rebel.
With your tyrant love who knows no reason,
rebellious with my own heart.
I ask you to go, to leave me,
that you walk away at once; it will be better!

I know I'll cry later
I will never forget you.
I know that every night without your laughter, without your voice,
How much I will miss your love!
But it's better to lose you,
than continue being a puppet
just to see you.

No, please leave me!
Today my love rebelled.

Without asking you for anything, I gave you my heart
in exchange for crumbs of your love.
I spent my heart and my fortune
delivered to the madness of loving you so much.
But it was useless; I received in exchange for so much love
contempt, falsehood, and humiliation.
So that's why I'm asking you to go,
that you walk away at once, it will be better!

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