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“The Meaning of Tango: the story of the Argentinean dance”

The Meaning of Tango- The Story of the Argentinian Dance, book cover.
by Christine Denniston.
“When I first fell in love with the Tango, I aimed to make myself as nice to dance with as possible so that good dancers would want to dance with me.”
“I was very fortunate to have encountered a group of people determined to understand how Tango was danced in Buenos Aires. To begin with, we took classes where we could and shared the little information we had. Often we found that the things different people told us about the Tango were contradictory and confusing. There was only one thing to do: go to Buenos Aires and find out how it was done.” (Quoted from the introduction)

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“the length of time a person has been dancing may give little indication of how pleasant they will be to dance with – unless their experience of learning the dance has allowed them to learn at least part of what was learned by the people who danced in the prácticas and milongas of the Golden Age.”

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