Ways to learn Argentine Tango

Private lessons, group classes and workshops.

Private lessons

Private lessons are your main way of learning Tango.

If your goal is to dance Argentine Tango...

you need to physically sense the most important aspects of the dance of Tango, which cannot be completely explained with words; you need to have these aspects communicated person to person, not one time, but multiple times, in a recurrent manner, to produce in yourself the necessary habits that eventually will make you dance. In this approach, group lessons are an aid to what you learn directly from a Maestro/a during your private lessons.

Group classes

Working on general aspects of what makes you a good Tango dancer.

Rhythm and musicality, connection between partners, walk, posture, embrace; as well as on the social codes of Tango: the line of dance, how to enter and exit the dance floor, how to invite to dance, what to do after your dance ends. In group classes you are able to learn how to adapt to different dance partners. Group classes are an aid to what you learn directly from a Maestro/a in private lessons, not the main source of your training.

Special workshops

On specific themes and hosting guest teachers.

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Travel to Buenos Aires

Allow us to guide you through Buenos Aires and Tango.

The format of our tour seamlessly integrates you into the life of a Porteño/a, allowing you the opportunity to experience all of the components of Tango from the passionate point of view of a milonguero/a.


Marcelo Solis and Miranda Lindelow performing Argentine Tango in San Francisco


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