Argentine Tango School

Marcelo Solís

  • 🌍 Born in the vibrant rhythms of Argentina, I've woven the intricate tapestry of Tango into the fabric of my existence. For over three decades, I've immersed myself in the world of Argentine Tango as a dedicated dancer, choreographer, and instructor, guided by the rich cultural heritage that shaped my upbringing.

  • 🕺 As an Argentine Tango milonguero, my passion transcends mere movement; it encompasses the soulful essence of the dance, the mesmerizing melodies, and the allure of the Golden Era. With a dance career spanning Argentina, the USA, Canada, Europe, and Indonesia, I've become a seasoned instructor, sharing the magic of Tango through my unique perspective.

  • 🎶 In my classes, I emphasize the symbiotic relationship between music and dance, fostering a profound connection between dance partners. Tango, to me, is not just a series of steps but a social dance governed by its own set of values and codes. I encourage my students to embrace improvisation, transforming the dance floor into an effortless game.

  • 🌟 Beyond the dance studio, I offer a window into the heart of Tango with personally guided tours to Buenos Aires, allowing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the authentic pulse of the city. Whether exploring milongas, savoring local cuisine, or experiencing the cultural nuances, my tours offer a unique glimpse into the soul of Buenos Aires.

  • 📚 My academic contributions include teaching Tango at esteemed institutions like the City of Rosario Ministry of Culture and Rosario’s National Theatre School. Across Europe and the Americas, I've graced stages and classrooms, leaving an indelible mark on Tango festivals and communities.

  • 🌐 Co-founding the Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires (ETBA) in 2011, my mission extends beyond borders. ETBA, with its renowned instructors, seeks to forge connections through Tango, empowering individuals to express themselves fully at any milonga worldwide.

  • 🏆 As a juror of the First and Second USA Official Tango Festival and Championship, and through my performances at iconic milongas like Salon Canning and Confitería Ideal, I continue to be a catalyst for Tango's evolution, preserving its authenticity while fostering global connections.

  • Embark on this Tango journey with me, and let the dance unfold—a symphony of passion, connection, and cultural exploration.

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This is what people have said about working with Marcelo:

  • “There are many approaches to teaching Argentine tango. I believe that Marcelo Solis’s methods have taught me the essence of tango – the art of leading and following. I can go to any practice or dance party and lead a woman I’ve never danced with before.”

  • “The type of Tango he teaches is the Argentine one, which is not as flashy as some other versions you see around, but rather much more subtle and intuitive.”

  • Marcelo “is a very attentive instructor and makes corrections accordingly. He exposes you to the proper momentum, musicality and culture of Argentine Tango in effort to prepare you to thrive well at a Milonga.”

  • “Marcelo is an enthusiastic and dedicated Instructor; he has no hesitation in passing his experience and deep understanding of the dance onto his students, he equips his students with the tools and technique to execute Tango correctly. His warm and friendly personality can be seen through his enthusiasm, his involvement and readiness to help his students of any levels. One of his strength is to let students feel the connection and the musicality while dancing.”

  • I just returned from Marcelo’s bi-annual tango tour to Buenos Aires. The experience profoundly changed my life. We spent 10 days enjoying the city, taking workshops with the masters and dancing every night in the milongas. My understanding of tango is now properly rooted in the context of Argentine culture. I felt completely prepared to navigate the milonga, accept dances using the cabaceo, and dance thanks to the Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.

  • "My tango journey began when I purchased a Groupon for 4 private lessons. Marcelo Solis lives and breathes tango. His passion and enthusiasm are inspirational."

  • "Marcelo is a patient and encouraging teacher. I couldn’t believe 50 minutes had passed by the end of my first lesson. It was too much fun. By the third week, I was completely hooked and started attending group lessons too."

  • "I attend classes in San Jose, San Francisco, and Lafayette. Each location has its own core group of regulars. All of them are welcoming."

  • "Tango isn’t like what you see on Dancing With the Stars. You shouldn’t expect to do the splits or crazy kicks. Those elements are fine for the stage but are dangerous on a crowded dance floor. I learned this first hand when, at a milonga, I was struck by an errant high boleo that caused a gash in my calf. Stilettos can be dangerous."

  • "Tango music does something unexplainable to my body. It speaks to my soul. Marcelo is an outstanding mentor. He challenges me to understand the music and learn Castellano (Argentine Spanish) from the song lyrics. Understanding the lyrics provides another dimension to your dance. Marcelo will quiz me on the name of the orchestra or the singer. He shares stories about the lives of the musicians as if he were talking about dear friends. He inspires me to independently research the history of tango, Argentine culture and slang, and the music."

  • "I continue taking private lessons with Marcelo several times a week and look forward to my next trip to Buenos Aires. He is a fireball of energy and creativity. I am lucky to now consider him a friend.”

  • "I can't just talk about my most recent experience, as I have been taking classes with Marcelo for years. He is an experienced, knowledgeable teacher, who is passionate about tango, He is dedicated to passing on his knowledge to his students, and helping them to become the best dancers they can be. In the process, he also makes the classes fun."

  • "I was in heaven, dancing with Marcelo for an hour. It could not have been better -- just what I needed. Can't wait to do it again. He is just the best."

  • "You cannot remain the same person as before if you dance/learn Tango. It’s impossible. It changes too much about yourself. In some ways, it teaches you a certain kind of love I think. You can’t be that close and not experience it. Not sex, but something emotionally deeper. Pity, you’re right Tango is not for everyone, but everyone should Tango. Your students are also fortunate Marcelo. We don’t learn steps, we learn sensitivity and response to the entire experience of Tango. That's how you teach. A new language indeed."
  • "Marcelo is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled; cares about imparting authentic tango; carefully selected music. Classes are creative, challenging and fun."

  • "I like the customization of lesson to my needs and ability level and Marcelo's deep love of tango and his philosophy of life."

  • "It was beautiful dancing that restored my confidence and pleasure and was sensitive to my state of being after a year of no dancing."

  • "Marcelo offers new challenges at the right time so my tango experience deepens and expands in an organic way. His depth of knowledge of tango is amazing, but it is his positive, encouraging attitude that I appreciate most."

  • "I’ve been taking Tango lessons with Marcelo for over 8 years and I feel I have had the best and most well rounded education in not only the dance, but the culture and history of Argentine Tango. It is a huge part of my life now and an enjoyment I continually appreciate."

  • Taking tango lessons from Marcelo has transformed my dancing and deepened my understanding of the art form. He is always patient and optimistic, and he provides new challenges at just the right time. I think when you watch him dance you see his essence, and in lessons and classes he is sharing that with you. To me, that is true tango. On the practical side, he is very professional, provides a great value for the price, and handles the logistical side of lessons very well. I highly recommend Marcelo and the Argentine Tango School.

  • Marcelo is one of best tango teachers I’ve ever had, he’s very detail oriented and passionate about tango teaching.

  • I felt a strong desire to start dancing 3 years ago. My friend and I almost by chance decided to try tango. While we explored a few teachers throughout the Bay Area, it wasn't until Marcelo that our initial curiosity turned into a passion and hobby. Not having had a background in dance, I was very nervous to start tango but Marcelo and his wonderful community of students put me at ease. Marcelo is endlessly patient and kind, and his corrections are tremendously helpful. Marcelo exudes tango in a way that is unique and palpable as if you were receiving the magic and secrets of tango straight from Buenos Aires. Through Marcelo, I have cultivated a deep, what feels like, lifelong connection to the music, dance, culture, philosophy, and art of tango. I always feel a higher vibration in my life and spirit because of it, even when I am not dancing. Tango has changed my life and continues to be a gift that keeps on giving. I highly recommend tango to everyone! And I highly recommend learning tango from Marcelo! Gracias maestro! <3

  • We would recommend Marcelo 100,000,000%! If you want to learn Argentine the real authentic way and with the best methods taught possible, we highly recommend Marcelo!

  • Marcelo imparts the essence of tango-the connection, the nuances, the history, the musicality, not just patterns.

  • We in the Bay Area are very fortunate to have Marcelo Solis and his Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires. I'm almost afraid to say how good his private lessons are for fear I won't be able to get on his schedule! However, to benefit the tango community as a whole, we must share :-) Marcelo imparts the essence of tango-the connection, nuances, discernment, history, and the musicality, not just patterns to memorize. He sees where you are and with an insightful ease hones in on what you need and enriches your dancing on all levels. His love of tango and sharing its rich artistry is embedded in Marcelo's soul. My husband and I are very grateful to be his students.

  • Marcelo has been a very inspirational, supportive, and excellent instructor. In addition, I think he is one of the most accessible people to learn from.