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"Para dos" by Osvaldo Pugliese y su Orquesta Típica, 1952.

Osvaldo Ruggiero with Osvaldo Pugliese and other musicians of his Argentine Tango orchestra.

Osvaldo Ruggiero

Bandoneonist and composer (22 September 1922 - 31 May 1994)

"I was not influenced by any other bandoneonist.

My thing was catching the “bellows”, and play, play and study hard, but all alone.

Furthermore, we have to take into account that I reached the Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra when I was seventeen.

Then, yes, Osvaldo shaped me, polished me, and marked me forever.

Pugliese’s orchestra was always an avant-garde team and in it, we were shaping our personality.

I had to do it because Osvaldo was very exacting. He used to tell me: “You have to study. Study!”.

I took it very seriously because I wanted to stand out.

Osvaldo insisted: “You have to be interesting as Anibal Troilo is”.

He told me about Troilo because he was the great figure of the bandoneon.

See what a challenge this man pushed me into!"

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