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Tango is not only a dance or a type of music, tango is culture.  The culture of Tango is embodied by people with a common geography and shared history.  Many of these cultural aspects transcend frontiers, and our music, folkloric dances and cuisine have gained ample, worldwide recognition.  

ChacareraThe mission of the Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires is to preserve the art of Tango in its full form.  Acknowledging that our folklore and our cuisine are intrinsic elements of the people that shaped and preserve the identity of Tango, we are proud to offer the San Francisco Bay Area direct access to these other dimensions of Tango culture:  Live Argentine folk music and dance demonstrations, and the tasty dishes that characterize our cuisine.

Are you planning an event and would like some unique, fun and tasty, entertainment?   Are you curious about having a firsthand experience of our folklore, enjoy listening to our music live, and/or taste the rich dishes of our cuisine? 

Marcelo Puig & BochaTake advantage of the broad cultural and culinary dimensions that only natives of the land of Tango can bring to your door steps and allow the Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires to cater the entertainment and culinary needs of your next event.  Our services are fun, engaging and offered with the characteristic grace of our people.

Our team includes a native argentine that is a prominent guitar player that will delight you with tango and folk themes.  Live music can be complemented with a dance performance, as well as informative and engaging talks about tango.  Our talks involve the history and evolution of Tango, the most important characteristics of the main orchestras, as well as the structure and reasons for Tango codes and etiquette.  To spice things up, if desired, we can incorporate a chacarera for everyone to participate.  Chacarera is a fun communal dance, with an engaging and easy to learn choreography that is fun to dance.

EmpanadasGood food is a central component of any cultural event.  Have you ever tried a traditional BBQ from the Rio de la Plata?  You know, the style of BBQ prepared in Argentina and Uruguay that is considered unique for its tenderness, flavor and variety of meats.  We call our BBQ asado, and our asado is a feast.  With our catering services you can enjoy a typical asado, cooked in the traditional way, or choose from other well-known dishes in our cuisine, like empanadas, milanesas, pascualinas, pizza and faina, dulce de leche cake, alfajores, sambayon ice cream, etc.

ALVARO'S 025Interested in learning how to cook the food of the land of tango? We also offer cooking lessons, including the secrets of how to make a traditional asado; you’ll have a memorable experience you’ll want to recreate the first opportunity you get.

Let us help you make your next event fun and memorable for you and your guests. Please fill the following form:

Contact us and tell us about your event and what you’d like to see in it; with our service we’ll help you make it happen the way you want.

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