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"Una noche de garufa" by Ricardo Tanturi y su Orquesta Típica, 1941.

"Una noche de garufa", Argentine Tango music sheet cover.

Eduardo Arolas

Bandoneonist, composer and leader (24 February 1892 - 29 September 1924)

In 1909, when Eduardo Arolas composed “Una noche de garufa”, he had not yet acquired a formalized musical education.

He was 17 years old.

Still, in his first composition, all the elements of his style are present, bursting out into the world, for the amusement of all of those who, like us, love Tango.

This quality cannot be attributed to any other Tango composer.

None of his colleagues had a defined style during their first compositions and would need many years to develop it. Arolas’ works have such advanced characteristics, that they will keep forever surprising Tango lovers wondering how, what inspiration, and from which source Arolas extracted them.

He also made the cover for its music sheet, and then for many more.

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