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"Se fue" by Lucio Demare y su Orquesta Típica with Raúl Berón in vocals, 1943.

"Se fue", Argentine Tango vals music sheet cover.

Oscar Rubens

Lyricist and composer (18 January 1914 - 6 October 1984)

Oscar was a prototypical lyricist of the 40s, with his sad lyrics, of love affairs laden with romanticism and, because of that, they are elementary, with neither contradictions nor psychological complexities.

He always made use of the poetic touch, but without overshadowing the lyricist: his lines, heard from a singer’s lips, come nicely blended with the music, but it is not advisable to read them looking for a poem.

Among his works, we can highlight "Se fue", with music by Horacio Salgán.

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