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"Inspiración" by Anibal Troilo y su Orquesta Típica, 1943.

Music sheet cover of the Tango "Inspiracion"

A classic of the genre

“Inspiración” was premiered in 1918.

It was firstly known under another title: its name was “6ª del R. 2” which was a suggestion by Niels Jorge to his brother, the author. It was dedicated to the Sixth Company of the 2nd Regiment of Infantry in which Niels had complied with his military service.

Peregrino Paulos (h), the composer, died at a young age and was unable to witness even the first signs of acclaim of his best conceived tango.

In 1922, and with the definitive title, the tango “Inspiración” was recorded by the Roberto Firpo orchestra. Later it was forgotten until Pedro Maffia, with his orchestra in 1929, played it again. Among its members were Osvaldo Pugliese on piano and Elvino Vardaro on violin. “Inspiración” was heard again in the evenings at the Pelikan cabaret where the outfit received the unanimous acclaim of the audience.

n 1943, two great orchestras recorded it: Miguel Caló (in an arrangement by Osmar Maderna) and Aníbal Troilo (in an arrangement by Astor Piazzolla).

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