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How to practice and improve your Tango: chair exercises

What is what makes you good as a dancer?

To dance Tango well, it is very important to be able to dance well by yourself before engaging in the dialog with a partner that dancing Tango requires.

A great and handy prop for your training is a chair.
Here you will find a variety of chair exercises that will help you greatly to improve your dance.

1- These exercises are very important to your Tango training. There you’ll have all possible movements of Tango: forward step, backward step, forward and backward pivots, isolation of the torso, counter body movement, and turns.

2- Practicing by yourself is essential to your Tango, and one of the most complete exercises is the chair exercise.

3- This exercise is a wonderful way of improving your Tango.

4- Here is another variation of the chair exercise. Master it and you’ll master Tango.

5- Here’s another wonderful approach to conditioning your dance with this new variation of the chair exercise.

6- The wonderful thing is that with no more than a chair you can do so much good for your Tango!

7- Keep practicing and do these exercises.

8- Here’s is another wonderful way you can improve your Tango.

9- Your Tango keeps getting better!

10- Observe, listen, exercise and practice. You will become a great dancer!

11- Learn these elements and when you become able to put them together, you’ll dance!

12- For everything that has value, working is the means of obtaining results. Observe with careful attention, learn, practice and thus you will become a good dancer.

13- Our life is defined in our habits, and our habits originate in our emotions. What do you care about? I like to drive my emotions towards producing a life that is worth living. To dance Argentine Tango is to make your life a work of art. 

Here you can find more chair exercises:

Learn more about Argentine Tango:

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How to practice and improve your Tango: chair exercises