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How to dance Argentine Tango: salida cruzada

It starts like a salida básica.

After movement “Two”, the leader changes weight to his right foot, leaving the left foot free of weight. You can embellish with your left foot; for example, a circle.

The follower can also take her opportunity to make an embellishment with her left foot.

Movement “Three” is with the left, and movement “Four” is with the right for the leader.

For the follower, the Salida cruzada is same as Salida básica.

After position “Five” (follower cross), it continues as a Salida básica.

The Salida cruzada utilizes the “crossed system”. This is when the leader and the follower move both their left foot or their right foot simultaneously, instead of the leader’s right foot simultaneous with the follower’s left, and vice versa.

The crossed system is unique to Argentine Tango and was one of the innovations its first dancers brought into the partner’s dance.

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