"Escúchame Manón" by Osvaldo Pugliese y su Orquesta Típica with Roberto Chanel in vocals, 1947 (English translation).

"Escuchame Manón", Argentine Tango song.

Listen to me Manón

Music: Francisco Pracánico. Lyrics: Roberto Chanel / Claudio Frollo.

When you know that my love is full of truth
your fear, your indifference will pass.
The love that I gave you nestled in my chest,
Don't you fell sad it may die of pain?
Round my nights your wavy hair
and the sweetness of your voice caresses me.
While the light that is reflected in your pupils,
tells me: my heart is yours.

Listen to me Manón, and let yourself be loved,
remove your stubborn concern, your suffering.
The future is ours, I see it in your eyes,
I see my hopes of loving in you.

My dreams return, you appear, my life,
and reproaches me the sadness in your voice.
I feel in my soul the torture of jealousy
and my heart suffers a lot.

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