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Elevate Your Tango Experience: Warm-Up Exercises for Argentine Tango

Warming up is an essential in Argentine Tango. Just like any dance form, preparing your body and mind for the intricate movements and connections that Tango demands is crucial.

I give you a clue that may help you to understand Tango better: Tango is close to you. 

You may have missed it in the lyrics. They always talk about things that are familiar, things that sometimes we miss very much because they are so close to our emotions that become strongly present even in their absence. It is the neighborhood were you grow up, it is your close relationships with relatives and friends, your loved ones, those familiar things and tasks of every day, even when they are in a distant past. They are part of you forever. They are embracing you. 

There is also an opposite idea of what Tango may be: it is the belief that Tango is something that happens far away, in a place from which we are excluded. For instance: a stage, a space that you are not allowed in, a scenography of unreality, flashy lights that leave you in the shadows, a fancy wardrobe that you’ll never wear, a script that cannot be interrupted, all things from which you must remain outside and quiet. 

Which one is Tango for you? 

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Elevate Your Tango Experience: Warm-Up Exercises for Argentine Tango