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"A suerte y verdad" by Rodolfo Biagi y su Orquesta Típica with Carlos Acuña in vocals, 1944.

Carlos Acuña playing guitar, Argentine Tango singer and composer.

Carlos Acuña

Singer and composer (4 November 1915 - 19 February 1999)

Because of his strong figure in which is blended the most authentic personality of a tango singer.

Because of that deep and high voice, respectful of the natural turn of the Buenos Aires song.

Because of the thrush spirit that pushes him to spread his singing everywhere.

Because of all those things, Carlos was and will be one of our most expressive singers.

At the end of 1942, Carlos Acuña was summoned by Rodolfo Biagi, he made his debut on Radio Splendid, achieving great success.

His work with Biagi ended in 1944, and he committed to record twelve pieces.

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