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Argentine Tango School

Rodolfo Biagi and his Argentine Tango orchestra

Biagi, Rodolfo

“Manos brujas”

Pianist, composer, and leader.
(March 14, 1906 – September 24, 1969)

To successfully shape a style and an unmistakable personality, within a straightforward musical fashion, to a certain extent, means an outstanding achievement. This is the case of Rodolfo Biagi, born in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo. Although, when he finished grammar school, he gave up his studies to devote himself to music; against his parent’s opinion, he wanted to study violin, so his parents suggested a deal; they would buy the instrument, but he had to enter the Escuela Normal de Profesores Mariano Acosta. Rodolfo was enrolled at the conservatory of the newspaper La Prensa, and he found out that his true vocation was piano playing. Learn more at

Listen to recordings:


With Teófilo Ibáñez in vocals

With Andrés Falgás in vocals

With Jorge Ortiz in vocals

With Carlos Acuña in vocals

With Alberto Amor in vocals

With Hugo Duval in vocals

With Carlos Saavedra in vocals