Argentine Tango School

The Tango Journey

The Argentine Tango Journey: metaphoric image of the hardness of this enterprise. You also find joy.

These elements are essential to your Tango journey:

Work on them and you will become a great dancer.

1. Posture is essential.

When we dance Tango we engage in a multiple faceted experience.

It is like a diamond. Furthermore: it is like a “string” in the “string theory” of physics, with outside and inside dimensions.

One of these facets is purely mechanical: a couple dancing Tango makes a mechanical system.

Our posture is, in essence, the way we place a fundamental piece of that mechanical system (our body) in it.

If a part of your car is not well placed or not well shaped, your car won’t run well or won't run at all.

2. You can learn to dance Tango!

With guidance, exercise and practice.

We share with you our exercises in class, helping to improve your posture and making any necessary corrections.

3. That takes us to an important realization you need to make at the very beginning of your Tango journey:

You will need to make changes in yourself, many kind of changes, many self-explorations, many plain acceptances of corrections, many learning curves.

It will require your patience and courage.

Tango is not about satisfying your ego.

It is about Tango itself.

It is very important to take a minute and think about what is our goal with Tango.

Be aware that you are about to be part of a community.

The natural habitat of this community is the milonga, not the class.

The class is a school to prepare you to be at the milongas.

It is not the festivals: they make only exceptional moments in the life of a milonguero.

It is not the stage, where Tango is as real as a Hollywood movie or a Broadway production is real life.

The life of a milonguero consists of everyday milongas.

We have to make milongas a wonderful experience for us if we want to become milongueros.

Tango is waiting for you...

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