"Naranjo en flor" by Anibal Troilo y su Orquesta Típica with Floreal Ruiz in vocals, 1944 (English translation).

"Naranjo en flor", lyrics manuscript.
Music: Virgilio Expósito. Lyrics: Homero Expósito.

English translation:

She was softer than water,
than soft water,
she was cooler than the river,
orange blossom.
And on that summer street,
lost street,
she left a piece of life
and left...

First you have to know how to suffer,
then love, then leave
and finally walk without thoughts…

Orange blossom perfume,
vain promises of love
that escaped with the wind.
After... what does it matter after?
All my life is yesterday
that stops me in the past,
eternal old youth
that has left me cowed
like a bird without light.

What have my hands done to her?
What have they done to her
to leave on my chest
so much pain?
Old grove pain,
corner song
with a piece of life,
orange blossom.

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