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Argentine Tango School

“Misa de once” by Alfredo De Angelis y su Orquesta Típica with Julio Martel in vocals, 1949.

Misa de once, original music sheet cover.

Armando Tagini

Lyricist, composer and singer (June 9, 1906 – July 12, 1962)

He had the need and the habit of composing.

He says: “I take the themes of my songs from life itself, from what I see passing before my eyes, from every impression I pick up when passing by, adding to it my own emotion, when committing it to paper.

Every place is suitable for taking notes that later become verses. I prefer the sentimental genre, especially tango, which is per se nostalgic and more attuned to the temper of our people.

I dare say that we, the Argentines, are a little romantic…”

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