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How to practice and improve your Tango: Lesson 2

Here you will find more exercises and guidance to learn, practice and improve your Tango.

You must always start with the most important move in Tango: walking.

1- Walk (forward and backward):

For followers:

With partner:

Also with partner:

Here you can watch how walking becomes the dance of Tango:

Some words about the meaning of walking in Tango:

Walking, in Tango, is more than basic: it is what we are.

For some time now we have stopped walking, instead sitting all day long in front of screens, steering wheels, and other people.

That’s why we feel so at home dancing Tango, in good company, creating something with our body that is real and objective, something that ceases to exist immediately after dancing, leaving us in a state of relaxed pleasure and untranslatable wisdom.

2- Forward/Backward move

For followers:

With partner

4- Backward ochos exercises:

5- Basic backward ocho

Here you can see how to integrate the backward ocho making it become part of your walking:

We have lots of videos for you to learn, practice and improve!

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