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"El rodeo" by Osvaldo Pugliese y su Orquesta Típica, 1943.

Agustín Bardi composed "El rodeo" in 1913 | History of Argentine Tango

Agustín Bardi

Violinist, pianist and composer (13 August 1884 - 21 April 1941)

Having disconnected from Arolas, in 1916, he went on to play at the Avellaneda's Paris cinema, which was a precursor to having orchestras for silent films, with a trio completed by Graciano de Leone on bandoneon and violinist Eduardo Monelos.

There, Bardi incorporated the tangos “El jagüel” and “Cordón de oro” into his repertoire, composed by Carlos Posadas — the composer he most admired —

and made his own, “El rodeo”, known.
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