Argentine Tango School

"Cordón de oro" by Anibal Troilo y su Orquesta Típica, 1941.

"Cordón de oro", Argentine Tango music sheet cover.

Carlos Posadas

Violinist, guitarist, pianist, composer and leader (2 December 1874 - 12 November 1918)

All his musical knowledge reveals to us the splendid background with which Carlos Posadas arrived at Tango. 

To the melodic richness —in the purest criollo essence— he adds perfect writing. Spicing them with some little funny caper in the older compositions or with a robust seriousness in others.

His tangos have a polished musical construction, difficult at times, and a notable inspiration. His melodic themes and his rhythmic combinations offer originality and personality. Among the musicians of the Guardia Vieja he stands out as one of the most advanced composers because of his harmonic richness and his wider musicality.

All his unpublished works were given to Aníbal Troilo.

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