"Carillón de La Merced" by Orquesta Típica Victor with Ernesto Famá in vocals, 1931.

Carlos Gardel & Alfredo Le Pera, Argentine Tango music.

Alfredo Le Pera

Poet, lyricist, journalist, playwright and cinema script writer. (7 June 1900 - 24 June 1935)

In his lyrics Le Pera tried to use a language that would be understood by all the Spanish-speaking world.

Then widening, in that way, the geography of tango.

In fact, Gardel, with his mimicry, broke the barriers of the language. Like every great interpreter, his language was universal.

However, in spite of that we cannot underestimate Le Pera’s contribution, who, by launching the singer beyond the closed localism which surrounded the poetry of tango, he helped his friend by making easier his road to a vast conquest.

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