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Argentine Tango School

Argentine Tango intermediate class with Miranda: final review

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How to give a sober response and gauge correctly among freedom, responsibility, emotions and desire? How to match a sense of duty with respect for the decisions of others?

We always find out later what was wrong and what was correct. None else could be held accountable for our course of actions. 

I accept your decisions and support you. I will be there if you want me to be there. I will have no recriminations if you decide to pass. I am not going to ask you anything if I don’t give you anything. If I don’t see you for a while, I will miss you; we can stay in touch and let each other know about us, our health and what worries us. I like to know about you. In the meantime, we can reflect on life and our own existence, and fundamentally, to improve. 

How better your dance gets, is what I will always encourage myself to value in you.

I would like to seeing you emerging from this crisis as a better dancer, as a better being. 

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