Argentine Tango School

Would you like to join our in-person semi-private classes in San Francisco, San Jose and Lafayette?

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  • Classes will be hybrid, so you will still have the option to take classes online.
  • San Francisco semi-private classes start on June 30.
  • Classes will be 55 minutes semi-private sessions, with a reduced number of participants, who will be required to register in advance.
We recommend registering as a couple. If you do not have a partner, please let us know. We will try to have an even number of leaders and followers in each semi-private session.
During classes, we will let you decide if you want to change partners and with whom.
Regarding San Jose and Lafayette locations, we are in the process of finding a date for reopening in the same manner (semi-private sessions, with a reduced number of participants who will be required to register in advance.)

These classes are for intermediate students. If you are a beginner, we recommend waiting until the next beginner series starts (no date yet), or even better, start with private lessons. Don't miss trying our private lessons, if you didn’t yet. 

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