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Ways to learn Argentine Tango

Group classes, private lessons and workshops.

Group classes

Working on general aspects that make you a good Tango dancer.

Rhythm and musicality, connection with the music and between partners, walk, posture, embrace; as well as on fundamental codes of Tango: the line of dance, the tango music, how to ask for a dance. In group classes you learn to adapt to different dance partners.

Private lessons

Working intensely on foundations, rhythm, musicality, and connection with the partner.

Every dancer needs at some point to focus on his/her own issues. In my private classes I work intensely on foundations, rhythm and musicality, and connection with the partner. I design a program according to your own goals and requirements, so you advance more quickly on a strong and correct foundation, and prevent bad habits from forming. 

Special workshops

On specific themes and hosting guest teachers

By local and visiting Tango masters, on special themes.

Our teaching philosophy and method

Our method is integral

Tango cannot be taught in separate stages. It only makes sense to learn Tango by learning simultaneously all its facets: moves, musicality, connection to the partner, social environment, history and culture.  Any fragmentation of Tango in the process of teaching leads to misinterpretations.

Classes. Learn to dance at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.