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Argentine Tango School

“Yo soy de San Telmo” by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica with Roberto Rufino in vocals, 1943.

"Yo soy de San Telmo", Argentine Tango music vinyl disc.

Arturo Gallucci

Double bass player, composer and lyricist (17 January 1909 – 23 June 1978)

Born in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Cristóbal, his experience, forged since childhood in the variety troupe Los Fregolini directed by his parents, enriched his musical knowledge (he learnt to play guitar, double bass and cornet) and brought him a charismatic personality with artistic inquisitiveness.

His career, exemplifies the ones of many composers that fully worked in the generation of the forties, almost anonymously nurturing the repertoire of the great tango orchestras with their pieces either those with traditional rhythmical expression or those with a deeper melodic and harmonic evolution.

And always they had a milonguero lineage, danceable and suitable for singing, with wide popular acclaim.

Since a young age he had been acquainted with lyricists, musicians, radio men and people of the night scene.

The Café El Águila, the Marzotto, the Petit Salón were some of his preferred venues. In them he met Carlos Di Sarli, in whose bohemian circle he established a close friendship with him and in whose school of romantic melodiousness he forged his vein in composing.

Precisely, it was Di Sarli who, in 1943, gave him his career move by recording with his orchestra the milonga “Yo soy de San Telmo”.

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