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"Vamos" by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Podestá in vocals, 1944.

Feliciano Brunelli, Argentine Tango musician, leader and composer.

Feliciano Brunelli

Accordionist, pianist, bandleader and composer (7 February 1903 - 27 August 1981)

Feliciano Brunelli was a composer and player of tangos, milongas, waltzes, and a number of other diverse rhythms that gave him the immense popularity that he enjoyed for almost 40 years.

He recorded no less than 763 numbers, nearly all for the RCA-Victor label.

In the headquarters of this recording company, in the United States, his photograph is on a wall alongside other musicians. He was awarded by being among the top ten selling artists of that enterprise.

In 1933, he started a new stage in his life and it was the beginning of his popularity. 

Elvino Vardaro passed by his town, got acquainted with Feliciano, and took him to Buenos Aires. For a time he lived in Elvino's family house.

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