"Una emoción" by Ricardo Tanturi y su Orquesta Típica with Enrique Campos in vocals, 1943 (English translation).

Ricardo Tanturi and Enrique Campos, Argentine Tango orchestra leader and his singer.
Music: Raúl Kaplún. Lyrics: José María Suñé.

Come and see what I bring
in this union of notes and words,
it's the song that inspired me
the evocation that cradled me last night.

It is a tango voice modulated in every corner,
by which who lives an emotion that dominates him.
I want to sing for this song
which is increasingly sweet and seductive.

Wrapped in illusion last night I heard it,
composed the emotion by things of my past,
the house where I was born,
the grate and the parral,
the old merry-go-round and the rose garden.

His accent is the sentimental voice song,
his rhythm is the compass that lives in my city,
has no pretension,
he does not want to be insolent,
is called tango and nothing else.

This emotion that I bring,
was born in my voice full of nostalgia.
I feel a bark of rebellion when this is
his verses disguise him.

If it is so humble and so simple in its bars
because to write a bad example in every sentence.
With this rest of emotion
very easy is to reach the heart.

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