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Argentine Tango School

“Una emoción” by Lucio Demare y su Orquesta Típica with Raúl Berón in vocals, 1943.

"Una emoción", Argentine Tango music sheet cover.

Raúl Kaplún

Violinist, leader and composer (11 November 1910 – 23 January 1990)

After playing in Miguel Caló orchestra, Raúl Kaplún thought that the time had come to look for another place.

In 1942 he found it in the orchestra led by the pianist Lucio Demare, who since 1938 carried out a style that blended rhythmic stress and sentimental mood in sympathy with the public longing for dancing and living or dreaming of romance.

Besides his violin playing, Kaplún contributed to Demare with some tango numbers he composed, like “Una emoción”, recorded in 1943 with Raúl Berón, with lyrics by José María Suñé.

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