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"Tomala con soda" by Adolfo Carabelli y su Orquesta Típica with Carlos Lafuente in vocals, 1933.

Adolfo Carabelli, Argentine Tango musician.

Adolfo Carabelli

Pianist, composer and leader (8 September 1893 - 25 January 1947)

The real amplitude of Carabelli's capacity is evidenced as from 1926 when Victor hired him as artistic director of the label, and at the same time commissioned him to form an orchestra which would play either jazz or tango music.

Thanks to Carabelli, since then the Victor staff reached a higher hierarchy, achieving the inclusion of notable musicians and choosing an attractive repertoire.

Among the best well-known tangos of his tango orchestra (orquesta típica) is "Tomala con soda".

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