"Tarareando" by Miguel Caló y su Orquesta Típica with Raúl Berón in vocals, 1942.

Miguel Caló, Argentine Tango musician, leader and composer.

Miguel Caló

Bandoneonist, leader and composer (28 October 1907 - 24 May 1972)

The Miguel Caló orchestra will be remembered as the best tango performance, one that goes beyond its age and that today is recognized for its great artistic qualities and by a dancing group that permanently evokes it.

Caló carried out and developed a style that connects traditional tango with the innovations of the age, without stridence, with a highlighted presence of the violins, a rhythmic bandoneon section, and a spectacular piano.

He not only promoted great musicians but also great singers that made their professional debut in his orchestra, for example, Raúl Berón.

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