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Argentine Tango School

Argentine Tango in-person semi-private classes

Each class begins with brushing up on the fundamentals of Tango: proper posture, body alignment, walking to the rhythm, comfortable embrace. We study movements, from basics to sophisticated. We work on technical details through exercises and drills.

Semi-private classes are of 55 minutes.

Registration needed

One semi-private class for one
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One semi-private class for a couple
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4 semi-private classes for one

Expires 35 days

Join our semi-private class
4 semi-private classes for a couple

Expires 35 days

Join our semi-private class

50% discount on semi-private classes for each private lesson you take. A promotion code will be provided upon purchase. To be used by the individual or couple taking the private lesson(s).

Marcelo Solis dancing Argentine Tango with Sofia

Private lessons

In-person and virtual lessons available
In private lessons our goal is to share with you the powerful and profound beauty of Tango, as it is a jewel that needs to be passed as part of the best of our human nature.
During private lessons we focus on:
  • Good, relaxed posture.
  • Awareness about your body, surrounding space, and your partner’s presence.
  • A nice embrace that connects you to your dance partner.
  • Musical sense: how to listen to Tango music.
  • Moving interpreting the music:
    • Walking.
    • Walking with your partner.
    • Pausing.
    • Changing weight.
  • Footwork and technique.
  • Basic Argentine Tango patterns.
  • More complex patterns and combinations.

Lessons are 50 minutes long and will be booked after payment is received.

Semi-private classes pricing options