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Argentine Tango dancing. Marcelo Solis and Mimi Mehaouchi. Finale.

Argentine Tango 4-week introductory program is starting on…

Argentine Tango 4-week introductory program is starting on…

Next series starting on January 8, 2021 and every consecutive Friday at  7 pm.

4-week introductory program for one $60 Purchase and register 25% off
4-week introductory program for a couple $100 Purchase and register 25% off
  • After purchasing our classes, please contact us to be registered in our next 4-week series.

Argentine Tango Masters Miranda Lindelow and Marcelo Solis

In our introductory course, we share with you our own experience, knowledge, and passion for Tango.

We would also like to hear about what brought you to Tango.
In these classes you will learn:
  1. How to use your body efficiently with good posture.
  2. How to listen and move to Tango music.
  3. Basic elements of the dance, footwork, and technique.
  4. How to maintain a good connection with your dance partner that facilitates moving together.
  5. A sequence of steps that you can use to start dancing Argentine Tango. 
We provide you with resources to aid your learning process: music, videos, and articles with information about Argentine Tango. 

We are always open to your questions.

We firmly believe that there is no better way to spend our time than dancing Tango.

We invite you to find out why…

Purchase and register 25% off

You already dance Tango and want to improve?

We also teach intermediate students.

Join our intermediate level classes

Marcelo Solis dancing Argentine Tango with Sofia

Private lessons

Virtual lessons available

In private lessons, our goal is to share with you the powerful beauty of Tango.

During private lessons we focus on:
  • Good, relaxed posture.
  • Awareness about your body, space, and partner.
  • Musicality.
  • Footwork and technique.
  • Basic Argentine Tango patterns.
  • More complex patterns and combinations.

Lessons are 50 minutes long and will be booked after payment is received.

See your options

Neither group classes nor private lessons alone will make you a good dancer.

You need both.

  • If you take only private lessons, you make Tango a private relationship with your maestro, which is not enough to learn what is Tango.
  • If you only take group classes, you are not going to get deep enough into the fine details of Tango to make you a good dancer.
To dance Tango you must be a good dancer.

Start learning Argentine Tango:

Watch, listen and read…


Argentine Tango dance classes online.

Virtual classes


See schedule:

El Choclo, Argentine Tango music sheet cover.

“El Choclo” by Ángel D’Agostino y su Orquesta Típica with Ángel Vargas in vocals, 1941.

“El Choclo” by Ángel D’Agostino y su Orquesta Típica with Ángel Vargas in vocals, 1941.

El Choclo, Argentine Tango music sheet cover.

Juan Carlos Marambio Catán

Singer, lyricist, composer and actor (30 July 1895 – 15 February 1973)

Of all Marambio Catán’s activities it is impossible to omit his contribution as author.

Because of that he is remembered today, in a dictum that is not unfair, but it is indeed not thoroughly thought over when all his fame in this sense is based in the memory of three or four pieces. “Acquaforte” with music by Horacio Pettorossi, his most widely known creation which was a hit in the songbooks of Gardel and Magaldi was born in Europe.

Let us add the lyrics of several tangos which became famous in their instrumental versions, such as “El monito”, “Buen amigo” or “El choclo”.

Read more about Juan Carlos Marambio Catán at www.todotango.com

Ver este artículo en español

Listen and buy:

  • Amazon music

  • iTunes music

  • Spotify

More Argentine Tango music selected for you:

We have lots more music and history

How to dance to this music?

Argentine Tango Technique 9: Forward ochos with Marcelo Solis.

Argentine Tango dance technique 9: Forward ocho

  • From this forward step to the next position going forward, in which you will transfer your weight to this now front foot, your torso is already rotating towards the center of the couple, so the foot that remains behind, by the pull of this torsion, which gets the shape of a spiral, turns your back foot, first, inside edge in contact with the floor, and then, makes it travel next to your sagittal line, to the “collect/inside edge position”.
  • After this “collect/inside edge position”, we research in these possibilities: 1. Forward ocho: Pivot more continuing on the same direction of your stablished rotation and move your free of weight foot forward, aligned with your lower sagittal plane, your torso torquing according to counter body movement, orientating the center of your chest to the central axis of the couple.
Argentine Tango technique 7 with Marcelo Solis

Argentine Tango dance technique 7: Walking forward and backward

Argentine Tango dance technique 6. With Marcelo Solis.

Argentine Tango dance technique 6: Forward/backward move

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