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Argentine Tango School

“Rosa Morena (Abuelita Dominga)” by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica with Roberto Rufino in vocals, 1942.

Héctor Pedro Blomberg, Lyricist, author of "Rosa Morena" milonga.

Héctor Blomberg

Lyricist (18 March 1889 – 3 April 1955)

ike in the cases of Manuel Romero, Luis César Amadori and many other great lyricists in tango, he started with journalism and went on with theater, and through the latter artistic activity he comes to song writing.

Since the beginning Blomberg was essentially a poet, and as such he was recognized, although much time later and with certain reticence, by those who made poetry a part of their life.

But the poet turned into popular writer, a situation that was comfortable and inspiring for him.

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