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Argentine Tango School

Ricardo Viqueira and Maria Darritchon dancing milonga

Ricardo Viqueira, Argentine Tango maestro milonguero

Ricardo Viqueira

Ricardo Viqueira is known for his ease, elegance, musicality, and masterful footwork.

Dancing in the milonguero style, he emphasizes keeping one’s own axis and the feet on the floor. As a social dance, it is necessary to adjust one’s steps to fit the space. He teaches his students to dance many steps and formations and to adapt their steps to the environment, be it around a room or the same steps in a circle without progressing forward.

While milongueros dance with cadence and pauses, they are not stopped by a crowded room. Ricardo teaches his students to recognize opportunities to change direction, alter their movements, and to create their own dance. As tango is a partner dance, Ricardo emphasizes the connection. Without connection, with whom are you dancing? He has developed simple techniques that help the leader mark the step and the follower to understand the lead.

People are often impressed with steps and choreography. But are they listening to music? Have they developed their personal style? Ricardo helps his students to move with musicality and rhythm, emphasizing pauses and simple rhythmical phrasing.

Ricardo takes one into the milongas of the tango world. While many of his students are teachers or performers, Ricardo is a milonguero teaching by day and dancing nightly at the local milongas. He openly shares antidotes and codes of behavior throwing in saucy tales of the how’s and why’s of the milonga scene. As a sensual dance, Ricardo feels one must go into the milonga with an attitude of success, remembering that it’s a game, and to enjoy – enjoy it all: the music, the dancing, and the social interactions.

Ricardo Viqueira and Maria Darritchon dancing milonga