Argentine Tango School

Requirements for learning to dance Tango

Marcelo Solis and Mimi dancing Argentine Tango at Lafayette milonga.

1) Self-motivation

To dance Tango is to become a milonguero, that means: it is a lifetime decision.

Nobody can convince you to do Tango.

Only you, if you can see what a fulfilling, wise and beautiful life Tango has in store, can make the decision.

Make this clear to yourself.
Marcelo Solis dancing Argentine Tango at a performance in San Francisco

2) Preparedness

You need to condition yourself.

Work on balance, coordination, a natural elasticity of your body, a reasonable stamina, emotional self-control.

We provide you with all of these in our classes, group, but fundamentally in private lessons.

You need to focus in what concerns you.

Only an experienced maestro in one-on-one sessions will be able to address what is fundamental to your Tango.

Dancing Argentine Tango with Julia at Lafayette milonga

3) Personal initiative


Your starting point is our website.

Learn about the music you will dance to for the rest of your life.

Watch videos of milongueros dancing, and see what you will inherit from them and one day pass along to future generations of milongueros.

Ask questions.

Inside edge position of the feet

4) Practice beyond class

Plan a routine of exercises.

You can always visit our website for ideas.
Dancing Argentine Tango at Renaissance Milonga

5) Be an example

To dance Tango is to become the best of all your possible selves.

To dance Tango is always being under the spotlight.

Come to milongas.

We organize them in the Bay Area and we would like to take you to Buenos Aires’ milongas with us.

Inside edge position of the feet

6) Go to Buenos Aires

Not once, but often.

Be guided through the milongas in Buenos Aires.

There is no better way to become part of Tango than to be introduced by someone who is already a part of it.

Tango changes your life forever!!!