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"Queja indiana" by Rodolfo Biagi y su Orquesta Típica with Andrés Falgás in vocals, 1939.

"Queja indiana" by Rodolfo Biagi with Andrés Falgás in vocals, vinyl disc.

Juan Rodríguez

Pianist, composer and leader (19 October 1895 - 4 April 1928)

He began his studies at the conservatory in Buenos Aires; then his parents took him to Spain and, at the National Conservatory of Barcelona, he perfected himself under the direction of a famous maestro in piano and harmony.

From the city of Barcelona, he made a trip to Paris where he was distinguished.

He returned to Argentina in 1914.

He obtained in 1927 one of the first prizes in the National Record Contest at the Palace Theater, on Corrientes Street, with the tango “Queja indiana”, which made it possible to be recorded by Carlos Gardel.

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